Saturday, January 13, 2018

WordPress Social Login | WooCommerce Social Login | Create Facebook App | Get Facebook App ID and Secret Key.

For adding a Facebook Login button in WordPress follow this article. I will show you how to add one-click registration and login with Facebook in WordPress. I used Nextend Facebook Connect plugin. Upon activation, go to "Settings > Nextend FB Connect" to configure the plugin App ID and App Secret Key.

Step One : 

Log into your Facebook account. Go to  “My Apps > Add a New App > Enter App Name + Email Address > Create App ID > complete captcha test > Submit” 

Step Two : 

Choose “Facebook Login > Set Up > Select the platform > Enter Site URL > Save

Step Three : 

Go to "Settings > Basic > App Domains > Privacy Policy URL > Terms of Service URL > Choose Category > Save changes"

Step Four : 

Go to "App Review > Make Your app public" 

Step Five : 

Again Go to "Settings > Basic and I recommend to copying your App ID and App Secret key.

Step Six : 

Go to "Products > Facebook Login > Settings > Enter your website URL in the OAuth URIs field > Save changes 

 You’re done!  and you may ignore the other settings, may not necessary for you.